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20 Amp Continuous PWM


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The following information is provided by Electro-light:

In a continuing effort to improve our product, the MC-12 now has a larger heatsink for cooler operating temperatures and increased reliability.

This circuit is designed to control the speed of a brushed DC motor with a potentiometer that adjusts the duty ratio from 0% to 100%. The control method is pulse-width-modulation (PWM).

The circuit is intended for 12 volt systems but will operate from a 6 - 15 VDC supply.

The output current is rated at 20 amperes continuous!

Suitable for electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric vehicles, and lighting and heating control.

Our customers have also found the MC-12 useful for HHO generation and hydrogen boosting!


  • Supply/Motor Voltage: 6 - 15 VDC
  • Output Current: 0 - 20 amperes continuous
  • PWM switching frequency: 1250 hz - 120,000 Hz (continuously adjustable)

    Available fully assembled, or as a kit. The Kit includes:
    (1) Printed circuit board (double-sided, plated-through holes, top and bottom solder masks)
    (1) 15 kΩ potentiometer (duty ratio adjustment)
    (1) 100 kΩ potentiometer (frequency adjustment)
    (2) Integrated circuits
    (2) IC sockets
    (3) Transistors
    (1) Power MOSFET
    (9) 1/4 W Resistors
    (8) Capacitors
    (1) Diode
    (1) 4 Position Terminal Block Connector
    (1) 1 Heatsink (1.9" W x 2.05" H x 0.75" D, 1.6 oz)
    (1) MOSFET Mounting Hardware (#M-3 machine screw, lock washer, shoulder washer, and TO-220 insulator).
    (1) Complete circuit schematic with wiring diagram and assembly/soldering instructions.

  • User Requirements:

    • Wiring, assembly, and soldering skills
    • A 12 volt battery or dc power supply
    • 10 - 12 gauge hook-up wire between the power supply, motor, and PWM.







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