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KZX1250 PWM - Automatic Start & Sensing


No Longer Available

The KZX1250 is a brand new PWM, not to be confused with any other. The KZX1250 has an on board computer with advanced features that make it virtually bulletproof and safe to use. No other PWM can match it.

Don't trust just any PWM under your hood. With the KZX1250 you know you are safe and you know your PWM is designed to handle tough situations that most others were never designed to.

Start out with a computer that digitally generates the pulses. Send the output through Schmidt triggers to get a sharp square wave which is then fed to a high speed MOSFET driver and finally to 8 Power-Pak MOSFET's through their own individual driving resistors. The efficient design means it runs super cool. How cool is that? The KZX1250 does not have a heat sink because it just does not get very hot. It just uses a small 40mm fan for cooling. With 50 amps going through it, at maximum frequency, the KZX1250 enclosure does not even get warm and the protruding circuit board only gets luke warm; you can squeeze it between your two fingers without getting burned!

As you'll see in the video, the KZX1250 has short circuit protection. Automotive fuses can take up to 100 milliseconds (after its rated current is reached) before opening. That's a tenth of a second; which might seem fast to you, but to semiconductors, it is like a year! Fuses are activated by heat and the same heat that the fuse sees is the heat that the MOSFET's see as well. The KZX1250 opens the circuit in less than 1 millisecond so it's virtually impossible to damage it due to a short circuit! Why waste your money on fuses which cost $2 a pop? ...and why subject your MOSFET's to irreversiible damage?

The KZX1250's thermal protection means you have protection against certain situations that could turn your car into an inferno. The fan on a PWM is there for a reason, to keep the MOSFET's from burning up; yet the fan being a mechanical device is the most vulnerable component on the board. What happens when the fan gets clogged with dust and dirt or if it just stops working altogether? Who will be there to turn off the MOSFETs? The KZX1250 has a temperature sensor that makes sure the temperature doesn't rise above 167 F (75c). If it does, it is quickly turned off and an error code is displayed.

If you're going to do HHO, you might as well do it right.

Advanced features such as:
  • Automatic Current Limiting
  • Alternator Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Thermal Protection
  • Water Resistance
  • Built in Amp, Duty cycle and Frequency Display
  • Automatic Power on/off
  • Disable Terminal (Optionally attach toggle, water pressure, water temperature, water level switches to your car to disable your cell on a fault condition)
  • Tiny Enclosure with built in mounting bracket (Installs in many more places)
  • Easy three wire installation
  • No Power Relay needed

No Longer Available




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