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DC to DC Converter

A DC to DC Converter changes one DC voltage source to another DC voltage. For instance, you have a 12 volt system and you need a 6 volt supply. That is, your car has a 12 volt battery and you have a 6 volt radio that you want to connect to it. You will need to convert the 12 volts to 6 volts, then connect the radio to the 6 volt power source.

There are some companies trying to get you to buy 12 VDC to 4 VDC converters for use with HHO Generators. They claim you can increase the amperage to the HHO generator and use less amperage from the alternator. That is a True statement, but the results of doing this are deceiving.

What is it that makes the HHO? Well, it is not just amperage, it is a combination of the Electrical Pressure (Voltage) and the Electron Flow (Amperage). The name of the term is Watts. The formula is Volts x Amps = Watts.

Each of the following power sources can produce the same amount of HHO:

  • A 4 volt power source supplying 30 amps,  using 120 watts of power.
  • A 12 volt power source supplying 10 amps,  using 120 watts of power.
  • A 120 volt power source supplying 1 amp,  using 120 watts of power.

If you have a 12 volt system, and you want to add a DC to DC convert in order to reduce the voltage to your HHO generator, you are going to loose electrical efficiency. The DC/DC Converter will create power loses in the range of 10 % to 30%. There is a way for you to prove it.

  • With the engine running and the HHO Generator operating, Measure the amperage between the battery and the DC/DC converter. Now multiply the alternators voltage times the amperage. That is the Watts the DC/DC converter is drawing from the alternator.
  • Now measure the amperage between the DC/DC converter output and your HHO Generator. Now multiply the DC/DC converters output voltage times the amperage. That is the Watts the HHO Generator is Drawing.
  • Divide the Wattage used by the HHO Generator by the Wattage used by the Alternator and you will get the efficiency of the DC/DC converter. See your loses?

It is more efficient to use Neutral Plates to lower the cell voltage, than it is to use a DC/DC Converter. If your intent is to control the heat, get yourself an efficient PWM - such as the KZX1250

It looks like using high voltage lowers the amperage output. In a way, it does; but the high voltage comes at price. That is a price your vehicles alternator has to pay. It takes amperage to make that high voltage.



  here if you would like a professional version of this explanation.

Professional 12VDC to 24VDC Step-up Converter, 50 Amps
  • 1200 Watt
  • Input 11-15VDC
  • Output 24 VDC
  • 90% Efficient

  Current Logic web site
Other models available: 20, 30, 40 Amp








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