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Your web page on HHO Companies is probably some of the most important information you are providing on your web site. Thousands of people use your website to learn about hho technology. Your website is the BEST. There is nothing like it. Once people educate themselves to a point where they are eager to buy a system, they are faced with a dilemma as to which generator to buy. There are good companies out there and there are many scammers. It is time for somebody to breath some honesty into this industry. I can not think of anybody better suited or more qualified than you to lead this technology and serious companies into the mainstream. Every person that is scammed, becomes yet another mouth piece for people and companies that are working to stifle this technology. You are doing a great job. At the risk of being melodramatic, you are the shinning star that is paving the way for all of us.  Leon

I realize that you likely receive thousands of emails daily. I'll attempt not to waste your time with this one........... I am a 54 year old guy living in Lincoln, NE who has, within the last 3-4 months, been pouring over HHO "stuff". I want to contribute to this world wide effort in my area. I think that I had seen your site or at least a few of your videos early on. I believe I have a much better understanding of what the hell HHO generators are now. 

About your web site; WOW! Who ARE you? The amount of time and effort (not to mention expense) in this web site is nothing short of AMAZING. I consider myself fairly good at separating what is likely fact from what is likely BS, and I have to say that I'm convinced that you must be one of the few genuine Guru's in this industry. Your site and the information contained in it is wonderful. TONS of useful information for people like me who are just getting started but want to do it right the first time (or at least most of the time). Awesome, awesome work! Thank you.  Mark

Just to say that this is one of the best sites on Hydrogen I have come across
thank you very much for all of the helpful information provided. This site has answered almost all of my questions. Once again thanks very much.   Bill

I just took some time to look up your new web page and I am impressed about what you have done! These pages reflect exactly who you are, your kind and transparent attitude and first of all your expertise.  I get the impression "this guy knows his way around the subjects he is talking about" and this is very reassuring also because you do not push any kinds of sales of any particular product (what in the end would not at all be a shame if you had something valid you produce yourself  to offer, and I think you do). If the aim of this website is to help and show people how to build on their own systems I think one has just about every conceivable information especially because you offer the info on where to buy. Great job.  I am no computer specialist but as far as I can tell it is easy to see that you did set up a pretty nice looking and explicit web site.  I admire the simplicity that makes it very inviting to look at without all the usual seven corners so many people build into their pages as if they want to hide what is in the website (a paradox).  I can assure you that I am not just praising you to flatter you (it would be revolting), but I do it out of a sound evaluation of what I feel.  Carlo

First, I'd like to say, "great job!"  You've really set the standard for people to learn about what seems a very promising thing. With people like you at the helm, the water powered car may rise again.  Gotta love the internet.  Great work!

I really appreciate your website and have learned considerably from it. I'm sure you have saved me a lot of money and time. Lee , Orlando, Fl 


It has been a Godsend that I happened to come across your site on YouTube. I have over the last year been looking into various ways to save hard earned money on fuel. I am as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to tinkering with the components of any fuel injected system car. I have a 1995 Chrysler LHS, with a 3.5liter fuel injected engine. I like the majority of hard working Americans am tied of being held hostage by foreign and domestic over priced petroleum products. I would also like to say that I thought before visiting your site that this business of Hydrogen Powered cars was years away. You have shown me that with a little knowledge and the willingness to try a new approach to fueling my car, that in a small way I can contribute to healing the earth instead of contributing to her oblivion.
I have combined three out of the four additives you recommended. Before I used these additives I was getting an overall average of 13.00 MPG. Immediately after applying your suggested additives, I had to drive that moment to see if they improved my mileage. And as advertised I went up to an overall average of 22.00 MPG. I haven't even installed the COSM that I ordered from Madscientist. I am rambling on now so I just want to say may God Bless America Again.  

Gosh thanks for all the info!  I am sure a combination of many of these technologies will create gas independence soon.  Your new stuff sounds really exciting.  Be careful - the last water ride is no longer on the road.  Gas is a multi-trillion dollar industry!  That said, I wish you the absolute best of luck and can't wait to hear/see your success!  You're really doing a great job so far in successfully sharing this info with a lot of people.   Will

After finding and reading your website tonight, I am even more excited to be getting my HOD unit on the go and running. And with your very informative site it's looking better.  Sid

I have been dabbling for a short time in the construction of a HOD (Hydrogen on demand) cell and have been intrigued by your YouTube posts and stuff. Thank you very much for your contributions. They are wonderful and informative.

Often I wonder "What is it with the world with all the greed & lack of morals (like not even saying a simple thank you?)"; & much appreciating your quick response as well. The compliment I indeed mean, my friend. I'm not cheap with words & don't mince them, but believe in living in the solution ... positively, especially despite mounts of odds against me since falling ill. You deserve recognition for your work, like the so many others who make the effort of sharing the technology. THANKS AGAIN,

Your site has truly made me humble looking at the amounts of effort and work you put into it, and sharing it so unselfishly with whom it may concern, or have interest in it. I must THANK you & give you credit for the tremendous amount of good you have done for mankind with your site.

You've been tapped! You are invited to join a new HHO Technology Think Tank (HHOT3). The idea is to speed up the rate of development of HHO implementation through a YouTube open source group. You have been invited because you have interesting and progressive HHO work. This is an effort to bring good research in this field together, to share professional skills and experience.

Your website is awesome,  Eric

Your information and videos have inspired myself (a senior in Construction Engineering Management at Oregon State) and a couple friends (mechanical and electrical engineering students) to start using additives and eventually aim at HHO systems.  Doug

What a relief to finally find a site discussing HHO intelligently > without a money grabbing angle.. kudos my friend.   Mike

Thanks for your website.  It has been very helpful in my learning about HHO.  Rich


Thank you very much for taking the time with such a long answer. I really appreciate it. Well, I think I have been bitten by the bug and am going to make other electrolyzers  Kent

I have been studying your website about hydrogen on demand, because I am very interested to get  this possibility on the political schedule here in Norway.  We have been starting a new political party here in Norway, because of all negative politics in my country.  The name of our political party is "Norgespartiet". In that case I will ask you about the videos you have on your website. Can you please send me all your videos on a DVD in case that your website should be shout down. I am afraid that will happened that day we announce this possibility at our own political website.

I have a lot of questions in this e-mail but you can see I have been doing a lot of research and testing trying to get this right. I have learned a lot from you website-thanks again for having this website !!

I think it's a great project and a great website what you have and what you are doing to show your devices to us.  Ronald

Awesome website I an learning a lot.  Cody

Hi, your site is great and packed with good info....thank you very much!  Tim

First,  I am fascinated by your website - truly thorough presentations compared to other sites.  Konstantin

BTW - LOVE your web site.  The most informative HHO site I've found in months of searching.  Unfortunately, it just leads to more questions :)    Mark

I would like to thank you for all the advice you provided me threw you’re videos. I am kind of picking you’re brain on the electrical aspect of my HHO project and would like to tell you thanks for you’re time and effort you are a big help!!!   Charles

hello sir.  I am a frequent visitor of your website and I'd like to commend you for your work and sharing information in a very comprehensive manner.   David

I like your web site. That is a serious looking hydrogen set up. Very cool. After making a few plastic filter container kits, I am leaning toward a better solution. You are... where I am going. I want a structurally safe metal container, and a better electrical setup.   Don

This is the best and most truthful site I have been to, by far!!!!  Everything looks great. I see you have one of your HHO devices on your car with all the dashboard controls. Very nice!!!! 

I know you must be very busy and may not be able to get back with me, but thank you for this web site and I will be watching and learning. Thank you, and keep up the great work.  Michael

I've been browsing the web, looking for HHO questions, and can't seem to find everything I'm looking for. I like this idea, its good, its the American way to do it our self when we can't rely on the "free market" or the government. I'm really anxious to build my own and get started - Simeon

I have come across your website. I found your website explains the whole Hydrogen and the Electrolysis clearly and well presented.  Harpal

I like the contents of your site. Very educational. I was particularly impressed with your dash . Richard

I started looking into HHO about a week ago, within a day I had made 3 prototypes and had learn lots. I've been look for this information all over the web and waste a good 3 days of spare time. Thank you, your site has helped greatly. I'm planning on fixing a basic model tomorrow, but with this information I will be making a model like yours. I'm a Mechanic, ex Merchant Navy to I have a good understanding, but your have build a basis ECU for this system, I think you should finish it, I think you should sale it, I think there is nothing wrong with being pay for the work you have done and I think it would be a dame shame if a big business cash in on this and not someone like yourself with good strong morals.  Aaron

I was watching your demos on Youtube and I'm impressed. I'm more impressed you're not like some others who are only trying to push their products and don't want to talk.  Samantha

Hi. I want to let you know that your website is fabulous. I started researching this on the internet a few weeks ago. Saw all the websites that want to sell me plans to build a cell...whatever! All I wanted was a general idea of how this is done, and I'd start experimenting on my own. Then I found your site. Wow! I'm impressed, and really appreciate you making this information available.  Ken

I would like to say that this is by far the best and most well put together site that I have seen on this subject. I would like to thank and commend you for your hard work and dedication in trying to educate folks like me.   Curtis

Hi, my name is Rikky, and I must say how much good info I have found on your site, after many e-books and web sites I have decided to build one of your tube fuel cells. Many many thanks for your time, and again hats off to your work.

I have been doing research for HHO generators and your site is the best I have ran across. The videos and explanation that you give with each step is GREAT. Thanks So Much for your time and knowledge.  Andy

Thank You for your work/info on your site. I have been looking for accurate & down to earth info on the subject for some time now.  Ed

Who knows what Genies you have unleashed?   Thomas

I just wanted to thank you for the work you have put into your web site on HHO. The information provided is very interesting and informative. I have just started to investigate HHO and am very intrigued by it, it does sound to god to be true but I will keep an open mind.   Chuck & Laura



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