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Flashback Arrestor

The "Flash Speed" or "Burn Speed" of HHO gas is so fast that it is a safety concern for all of us. Three thousand five hundred feet per second is fast. Most bullets fired from a gun are not that fast. They may exit the gun barrel at that speed, but they can not travel 3500 feet in one second of time. Superman can, and so can a hose filled with HHO gas. HHO detonates instantly and that makes it difficult to stop. To understand this a little better, lets use an HHO welding torch as an example. The torch burns, when ignited, because the HHO gas is coming out of it under slight pressure. As long as that pressure exists, the torch will burn. But try to turn the gas off and the HHO gas will instantly suck the explosion back into the torch, and pop. If you are luck it will pop. If not luck, the flash will make it all the way back to the source that is making the HHO. That is called a Flashback.

Carbureted engines are notorious for backfires. If it happens while using HHO, it will cause a Flashback. The backfire flame ignites the HHO gas that is entering the combustion chambers. The flash travels back towards the Cell and the Bubbler. Most often, it results in an explosion that destroys something; your Air Box, your Bubbler, your Cell. However, fuel injected engines rarely ever experience a backfire.

The welding industry makes Flash Arrestors for various gases but they do not have one for HHO gas. They have one for Hydrogen, but it will not work for HHO. HHO is an explosive mixture; being 2 parts hydrogen gas for each 1 part oxygen; a 2:1 ratio.

Bronze Wool flash arrestors eventually stop up because the electrolyte eventually sticks to it; same with porous arrestors made from sand. Backing Soda stops up flash arrestors.

Sometimes, check valves work, but not all of the time. Learn how to make one below.


ClearFlash for 1/4 & 3/8 inch ID hose




The Plug - for 1/2 inch ID hose


This looks like a good HHO flashback arrestor. It is 100% plastic; no metals.
Available in several sizes: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 inch (The Plug).

  • Withstands 1000's of Flashbacks
  • Video shows that a Check Valve does not stop Flashbacks
  • Rated up to 6 liters of HHO per minute

No Longer Available on eBay from bruceenergetics

Bruceenergetics has not responded to e-Mails I have sent, inquiring about their products. It seems they are not interested in this product any longer. It is a shame; it is a damn good product.


Make it yourself 1
Make it yourself 2 

HHO Gas Technology, LLC

  HHO Gas Mini Arrestor
  HHO Gas Large Arrestor

Do not use 1 way valves for Flash Arrestors - they are not safe.



Green Fuel H2O Flash Arrestors


  Order from their web site (1 to 12 LPM)

Hydrogen Generator Flashback killer/preventer for HHO outputs of 1 to 12 liters per minute.
Unit is 3 inches in length and available with 3/8" an 1/4 inch barbed ends.


  High Flow Flash Arrestor (1 to 30 LPM)


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