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Grail Engine                                 

The Grail Engine will exhibit the following benefits:
• Engine produces power every revolution per-cylinder as desired.
• Less pumping losses (greater air flow through intake and exhaust cycles)
• On-the-fly variable compression ratios (Miller Cycle) at full range of RPM's
• Independently configure each cylinder according to vehicle load.
• On-the-fly multiple fuel sources (i.e. fossil fuels, hydrogen etc...)
• Built in Super Charger for pre-compressing intake charge
• Built in inter-cooler for cooling intake air-to-combustion chamber
• Potential for forward & reverse operation
• Lower parts count attributing to lower manufacturing costs and reduced costs per unit
• Virtually no industry retooling required
• Liter for liter outclasses all four stroke engines in power to weight ratio and thermal efficiency
• Redefines the standard of efficiency and emissions in vehicle Internal Combustion Engines
• This is a true hybrid by achieving the Miller Cycle and HCCI simultaneously while producing
   power for motion to a vehicle
• One Liter Engine Projections based upon vehicle weight and engine demand:
   - 100+ MPG’s
   - 180 ft lbs Torque
   - 200 Horse Power

  Grail Engine's web site

  Technical Brief



Engine Animation


Engine Animation



Grail Engine - "Cold Spin"


60 PSI Cold Spin Test


Grail Engine and Pulstar Pulse Plugs


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