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"If you need help understanding something on this web-site, or you need help solving a problem with your Hydrogen Generator Installation, please, just ask. I will support you as best I can over the Internet.
I have been doing this for 20 years without any assistance or financial support.

Note:  "I can not reply to your questions if your mail does not accept my mail address"

Email me at david@hho4free.com

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                                                                   About Me:

I am a retired Telecommunications Technician/Webmaster. I received my electronics training and background from the U.S. Army, while serving in the theater of South Vietnam. I went on to become a military instructor, teaching basic electronics & troubleshooting... in the Avionics field. Being a war veteran qualified me to work for a telecommunications company.... performing non-pay disconnects; it did not take long to find out why they wanted a war veteran. The military training helped me develop into a top notch Installer Repairman for complex business telecommunications systems, with a skill-set to train technicians and customers. Those skills led me to develop an electronic On-Line Product Catalog & Handbook for BCAC, Marketing, and Sales groups within the company. The Catalog made Call Center Specialists look and sound smart in the eyes of the customer. My extensive product knowledge and technical experiences were merged into a logical index and placed in a database that could instantly be accessed by company employees across the country. Product information, pricing, user documentation, accessories, replacement parts, and warranties were just a few clicks away. I really liked that job; it was very satisfying.

Now I am retired; but still active. One day I read an article about Free Energy. I started a knowledge search and began experimenting with Water Fuel Technology. I built a Hydrogen Generator and installed it on my vehicle. I was able to gain fuel mileage and lower exhaust emissions. I thought it was important for the world to know that this technology really does work. So, I created a web site about the subject, did it on my personal computer, and served it up to the web via my Broadband Internet Connection. Traffic got so heavy, I had to move it out to Godaddy.

Today, I am very experienced and very knowledgeable in this field. My web site, http://hho4free.com is perhaps the most informative on the subject of Hydrogen Electrolysis. I help hundreds of people a day learn ways of building Hydrogen Generators and solving problems.

David Biggs








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