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Experimenters are using many different methods to create heaters that use HHO as fuel. Some even use Hydrogen as a fuel. I have attached some of the videos I found on youtube.com. They are examples of works in progress. If you watch them, you will notice that there is nothing special about any of the HHO electrolyzers. The electrolyzer needs to be able to produce the amount of heat you plan on using. It needs to be equipped with a bubbler, and possibly a scrubber, and most definitely a good flash back arrestor. You may also want to monitor voltage, amperage, and wattage. For regulating the flame, I suggest using a PWM to control the amperage.

The most promising Heater seems to be the one using an automobile Catalytic Converter. Using the converter, the HHO gas is injected into the converter and onto the honeycomb plate inside. The converter will heat the metal, without the use of a flame. More than 500 degrees F has been measured. If the injector tip gets too close, the glowing metal will ignite the torch (HHO tip). JDC Products, and delvis11, on youtube.com have videos explaining the operation. It is fascinating.




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