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HHO Pressure Tests

After watching this video, I question what we have been told about pressurizing HHO. 15 to 20 PSI is supposed to self ignite. Hmmmm.
  • The Hydrogen Hog generator operates at 60 PSI and has been tested over 100 PSI.
  • One comment left, on the above video YouTube page, said it was safe even at 120 PSI.
  • More research is needed. If it is safe to pressurize the HHO, then that will help move us forward.
  • Keep in mind, it is still highly explosive; the slightest spark or static arc could set it off.

 "We were told, like the rest of the world by the "expert" Boyce, that anything over 15 PSI would explode.....Well, so much for experts hey!....testing is so much more informing"


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