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I keep very busy answering question presented by my web site and youtube viewers. I get 3,000 to 4,000 views a day. I am helping individuals in many countries. My goal is not to solve the HHO problems of the world, but to help my fellow man learn what Electrolysis is and understand the basics for producing HHO. I show them good work so they will be able to recognize good work. I prefer to teach people to fish, so they can teach someone else how to fish.

To be honest, the best way to stay focused on furthering existing research is to answer the newbie questions. They need the right answer at the right time, and need it in a way they can relate to. I have a knack for that. As for bashers and naysayers, for the most part, they leave me the heck alone. Read my printed words. If you want to dispute them, you better know something about the subject; something you didn't just read somewhere, and quote to me. Know what I mean?

I found a better understanding of my own views, while trying to explain them to someone else. I am proud to stand up for the cause of a greener environment, and for the opportunity to expose the oil dependency lies; and the automobile industries inadequacies to produce decent mileage efficiencies - because of the free energy devices they bought up and buried. Those days are over.


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