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Brown's Gas ("HHO") : Clean, Cheap, and Suppressed Energy

by Steve Windisch (jibbguy) 

(Yule Brown is Ilia Valkov)

There is something of great importance to the world that is being suppressed and hidden from us: That abundant, clean energy can and is being derived from water. Sea water, well water, tap water; good old H2O.

Water can be cheaply disassociated into Brown's Gas / HHO gas (monatomic and diatomic Hydrogen and Oxygen) using efficient electrolyzing techniques which require very little power to operate, or sophistication to build. This is directly contrary to current scientific dogma; which teaches that the creation of useful amounts of Hydrogen requires tens of thousands of watts of power, creating high amounts of heat in the process. This is simply not true: Many people all over the world have home-built working devices that create HHO gas using very little power. The terms "Brown Gas" and "HHO" are used in this article as synonymous, although there is some minor technical debate as to the ratios of monatomic and diatomic gas within each, and "HHO" was once a trade name for Brown's Gas (it has now become a generic term like "kleenex", as is written here for this purpose).

Although the new efficient techniques of disassociating water into H and O have been known about and proven for over 20 years, the University textbooks are still teaching the old, expensive, and energy-inefficient ways of creating Hydrogen. Whenever it is mentioned as a possible substitute for oil in the mainstream science and press; the expense and dangers of creating and storing Hydrogen are used as tempering arguments for not embracing it; and as excuses for not pursuing Hydrogen as a serious alternative to oil. But… These excuses are dead wrong: There is no meaningful expense in creating HHO gas, and there is no need to store it under high pressure as it can be safely created on-site, at low pressure, on demand. Using self-generated HHO to power our vehicles is no more dangerous than using gasoline.

Another misnomer about Hydrogen gas power relates to confusing HHO with Electric Fuel Cell technology: Systems such as the BMW one use an electric fuel cell that pushes 99.999% pure pressurized Hydrogen through a special membrane, which releases electricity to power DC motors. This has nothing to do with burning Brown's Gas… Which can be used in standard internal combustion or Diesel engines with little or no modifications. Electric fuel cells are currently extremely expensive, do not last very long before being contaminated, and require the "Five Nines" purity of Hydrogen. A large infrastructure is needed, and the gas is stored at very high pressures.

Brown's Gas got the name from Yule Brown, a gifted Bulgarian professor and inventor living in Australia. He was one of the first to note the extraordinary properties of HHO, and to disassociate it cheaply from water. He was also one of the first to use it to power an automobile's internal combustion engine, and to also market it as a welding gas (and one of the first to experience the aura of suppression surrounding this alternative energy). Professor Brown discovered that using relatively small amounts of carefully tuned pulsed electricity across submersed plate electrodes acting as Capacitors can break the atomic bonds of water into HHO thousands of times more efficiently than the old methods of "brute force" high-Amperage systems. This does not break any existing scientific principles: When the "capacitance" of the electrodes are exceeded, there is a large release of energy similar to an over-voltaged electroytic "cap" in a circuit exploding much like a firecracker. And Dr. Brown also found that HHO has several unique properties known in no other energy source. HHO does not have a set burning temperature: It reacts to the substance it is contact with when being burned. It can burn cool enough in air to run a finger through it quickly (about 230 deg. C) ; yet it can sublimate Tungsten at over 6000 deg. C when the flame touches it. As a burning torch, it burns through steel or brick remarkably fast (much faster than oxyacetylene gas mixtures). Yet when burned, HHO has only one byproduct: Pure water. Brown discovered another unique property: When in a "perfect" mixture of 66.67% H to O, it will implode instead of explode (the result of the gas recombining back into water). This implosion produces a huge amount of vacuum energy (around 4 times the amount of energy derived from burning / exploding HHO and air mixtures). Brown was also one of the first to discover that when mixed with Diesel or gasoline fuels, HHO will increase the burning efficiency of the mixture greatly. H burns very quickly, the fastest flame propagation rate of any element. Refined oil products are large complex molecules that burn relatively slowly. When HHO is added to the fuels and ignited, much more of the hydrocarbons are burned fully… Creating much cleaner exhaust and more power to the engine. The result is increased gas mileage and smoother running, longer lasting motors that waste much less energy. Depending on the engine, mileage increases of 75% are possible (increases of around 30% are more commonplace with home-made units). This, as a mileage "Booster", is the most popular use for HHO systems today. Sold as kits or simply created at home by tinkerers and would-be inventors, HHO boosters are helping their owners cut pollution and save energy and money all over the world. To modify a car to use HHO Boost is usually quite simple (the disassociated gas is introduced through the air filter); and it works well with gasoline, Diesel, or bio-fuels. The older the engine, the simpler it is to modify: Motors without computers and using carburetors are easiest.  

Besides Professor Brown, the most famous name in HHO is that of Stanley Meyer. He was an Ohio-based inventor working with HHO in the 70's through 90's until his mysterious death in 1998 (attributed to "food poisoning" or "brain aneurysm" depending on the source). Meyer created a very efficient, high-output electrolyzer cell for creating large amounts of HHO on demand. He then mated it with a Volkswagen-powered dune buggy vehicle; and ran the engine on nothing but HHO .  Meyer's methods and results were unique; he actually removed the spark plugs of the engine and devised a system to self-explode the gas under pressure using a laser and RF electricity to induce the H gas atoms to a much higher state of excitement. Although his HHO creation cell has been reproduced successfully many times, very few have been able to run cars entirely on HHO yet; and some of Stan Meyer's best secrets died with him and are now only beginning to be reproduced. But there have been several others who have successfully repeated the "Holy Grail" feat of running cars on nothing but water: Mr. Daniel Dingle of the Philippines claims to have converted over 100 internal combustion engines to run on HHO ; starting over 30 years ago. Several inventors in Australia and in North America and Europe have also done so. It is rumored that there are hundreds or even thousands more who do so secretly, to avoid the dangers of bucking the powerful forces who suppress this technology.

Recently, Dr. John Kanzius has hit the mainstream news with a possible new cure for cancer using RF energy (carefully directed microwaves); as seen on the CBS "60 Minutes" program. He had previously gained fame a few years ago for accidentally discovering another method of disassociating water into HHO using RF energy, which spontaniously ignites water into flames when a special resonant frequency is applied. This method has much promise and needs further study by Universities; as Dr. Kanzius is now concentrating his research on curing cancer. Perhaps his successes will pave the way for mainstream acceptance of HHO for fuel as well.

The secret to producing the gas cheaply lies in pulsing current to the submerged electrodes: Positive-going square wave pulses are gated and pulse-width controlled at frequencies carefully tuned to match the "capacitance" of the spaced-apart negative and positive plates. It is somewhat difficult for a layman to do at first, but not for an electronics technician with an oscilloscope. And extensive information, including step-by-step instructions for building one at home, exist on the Internet either for free or on CDROM for a small fee (see the links below). Commercially available kits with the electronics pre-built greatly simplify the job.

There is no doubt that it is possible to run internal combustion engines on nothing but Brown's Gas / HHO . However, it seems this technology is not being studied by our Universities. If it were, perhaps by now newly designed engines that utilize the unique implosion properties of HHO would have been created. Or…. Perhaps they already have but we have not heard about it yet. 

There is a little known and seldom mentioned wrinkle in Patent Law: The U.S. government reserves the right to name any new request for patent that comes to the attention of the Patent Office as "Classified"; declaring it secret under the need for National Security. These secret patents do not come up under Patent Searches. Apparently many HHO-based patents come under this category. At any rate, several inventors who have filed patents on HHO-related devices say they were told to "forget about it"… Ordered to cease working with the device and never mention it again, their devices and equipment confiscated. This has happened not only the U.S. but other nations such as Australia as well. In the past, there have been many reports of strong-arm tactics such as life threats, break-ins and robberies of labs, and arson connected with these new inventions, as well as several questionable deaths of inventors. In fact, when adding up all the mysterious deaths, it would seem that being the inventor of a device that challenges the energy cartels' power and continued wealth is the most dangerous occupation in the world to have.  
HHO releases no carbons or other pollutants into the air when burned; although when disassociating tap or sea water, there can be some chlorine and other poisonous gasses released because of the horrid state of our cities' drinking water and the sodium chloride and trace elements present in sea water. However this is minor and if the area is ventilated, of no serious risk. Because the disassociation is based on capacitance; water with some inherent electrical resistance works well, thus there is no need for pure or distilled water. Often commercial HHO systems will use electrolyte solution additives in distilled water… This is mainly to keep the water in the container clean over a longer time and to insure a more stable and constant resistance (and perhaps as an attempt to market a reoccurring cost); but this is not actually required. The main risk with Hydrogen is explosion: A simple water bubbler bottle system in-line with the flow of gas to an engine stops flash-back explosions from happening, and safety pressure valves and shut-offs make an HHO system as safe as gasoline. Since there is no storage tank and the gas is only being created at relatively low pressures while the car is running, leaks or problems with the storage tanks are not an issue. And of course since the user creates it on demand, there is no need for filling stations or large infrastructures…. Only water. And the amount of water used in an all-HHO system is less than a third of the volume of gasoline that would be used for the same mileage.

Even if only used as a Mileage Booster for existing gasoline or Diesel vehicles (proven beyond doubt by the many people already doing this)…. Brown's Gas would be a huge boon to our energy needs if widely used. If the average commuter was able to save 25% on their mileage, this could seriously diminish America's requirement for Middle Eastern oil. There are now several companies offering boosters for sale, and one called "Hy-drive Technologies Ltd. ", has recently been funded with over $20 million in venture capital to market their HHO Booster system for large Diesel trucks… Something desperately needed by our Independent Truckers who have suffered greatly these last few years under the price increases in Diesel… Which used to cost less than gasoline, but is now significantly more expensive than petrol (BTW: The reasons for this are highly suspect and are due an investigation; many think it is an attempt to run the Independents out of business as the large trucking corporations buy their fuel on the Stock Market for significantly less).

But there is no need for HHO to be used only as a mileage booster, or even only as a single-fuel for vehicles… It could be used to power home generators feeding banks of batteries and inverters (perhaps along with Wind and Solar), allowing the homeowner to "move off the grid" and gain energy independence. Or imagine the advantages of burning HHO for home heating, even cooking. Or, of course, for steam boilers making electricity centrally on a large scale. All it could take is the willingness of the scientific community to give HHO an honest look, and the freeing of the existing patents from secrecy and suppression. We will never know for sure until this happens.

When I mention HHO over the Internet, there are often nay-sayers who dispute the claims. But although I have read virtually everything available on this subject over the period a year, never have I seen a study done by a University that would either debunk or sustain the value of HHO . It is apparently simply not being seriously studied. It is interesting that the scientific community would poo-poo claims without any data to back them. Unlike many other controversial subjects where debunking articles are commonplace, there is nothing of substance to be found other than negative opinions based on ignorance and simple adherence to dogma ("…It just can't be!") ; and a strange unwillingness of those people to study it any further.

The biggest problem with HHO gas is that it is too cheap and too easily created, and therefore too "dangerous" to the current social model. This model is one based on energy scarcity. If this were changed to energy abundance; the possibilities for improving our world are endless: With cheap energy, we could turn the deserts into green fields via desalinization of ocean water. With abundant and clean fuel; the cost of growing food would drastically drop and third-world nations could feed themselves. Without the need for fighting over energy resources or food, two major reasons for war are eliminated. HHO is not a panacea, and it is not "Free Energy"… But it is an important and significant energy source that could revolutionize our world for the better.

There is now hope for Brown's Gas and other new and suppressed energy technologies to eventually reach the mainstream and save us from the carbon prison we are all now in. There is a movement on the Internet known as Open Source Energy; which is a collaborative effort that states that trying to patent and market new alternative energy sources does not work. We need to combine forces, share our information, and build and test our own alternative energy devices. Once enough of us have working, reproducible systems… "They" can no longer deny us this knowledge. Working together for the benefit of all mankind, the brave new Open Source inventors, garage tinkerers, and researchers could eventually reap rewards in excess of those that commercially-minded inventors gain.

If the above information interests you, please Google "Brown's Gas", "HHO", "Stanley Meyer", "Yule Brown", "Daniel Dingle", "John Kanzius", and "Zero Point Energy" for yourselves; and watch the hours of video available at You-Tube and Google Video on these subjects. Also please check out http://www.panaceauniversity.org/  , http://www.overunity.com , and  http://pureenergysystems.com ; sites dedicated to promoting Open Source Energy. We need to make our political figures aware of Brown's Gas / HHO and the other suppressed alternative energy technologies, and let them know we want action… At the very least we must have multiple significant scientific studies done at the University level; followed by the freeing-up of the suppressed and held-secret patents. It is past time, 20 years past time, for petroleum to be used mainly for plastics and lubricants, and not as fuel.  The sooner we do this, the sooner we will be freed.

Yull Browns Gas Free Energy    Yule Brown



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