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Liter Meter

I designed this several years ago, using thick wall Acrylic. I purchased the material and a partner, at the time, constructed the unit.

3 inch Outside Diameter, 1/4 inch thick wall

2.5 inch Inside tube, 1/32 thin wall

1/2 inch thick flat sheeting.


 "Under Construction"



Clear Lexan* Polycarbonate 9034 Sheeting
Lexan* 9034 uncoated polycarbonate sheet is the standard grade of Lexan* sheet for transparent protective glazing. High-impact Lexan* 9034 sheet can be utilized for primary glazing, or on either side of existing glazing for economical protection against breakage or intrusions. A better insulator that glass, Lexan* 9034 sheet contributes to lower energy costs. It is virtually unbreakable, making its products an excellent condidate for safety in areas where parts may be exposed to high impact. Will withstand -40 to 180 continuous and 250F short term with no load. Forming temp. is approx. 375F. Excellent thermoforming characteristics. Cold form radius no tighter than 100 times the thickness of the material. Superior fire performance. UL listed for burglary resistance. No UV treated surface. Typical applications include interior applications for industrial and commercial, interior glazing in security areas, fabricated parts, industrial machine guards and much more. *Lexan is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.

 US Plastics

Here is LutherP40 's construction method.


How-To build the "Yet Another HHO" Flow Meter

Technically, this device is one form of an Eudiometer.

Materials List:

1 - Clear Polycarbonate Tube Lamp Guard by Westinghouse. For use with 48" T12 lamps. (with endcaps)

1 - 1 1/2" thinwall PVC pipe (suggest 3 or 4 feet in length) Inside diameter MUST be only slightly larger than the clear tube above!

1 - 1" PVC pipe any gauge (suggest 3 to 4 feet in length) Must match the end caps selected below!

2 - 1" PVC end caps (rounded ends rather than flat recommended) Outside diameter MUST be only slightly smaller than the clear tube above!

1 - 1 1/2" to 3" adaptor (this will become the base)

1 - 3/8" 90 deg nipple fitting. (suggest Nylon rather than Brass)

1 - Roll of 3/4" 3M brand Electrical tape. suggest black, but any color should work. (Needs to be soft electrical tape that can stretch easiely without harden over time.) (Lowes)

A length of 3/8" tubing as the feeder gas line. Any suitable length will do. MUST be the same size as the fitting mentioned above. (Lowes)

Some good quality 40mil or better clear packing tape. To seal the end of the Clear Tube above. (Staples Office Supply)

PVC glue (Lowes)

PVC Primer/Prep (Lowes)

Optional Materials:

Epoxy or Silicon sealant


Flow Meters

This is an Oxygen Flow Meter.
It measures Oxygen. It does not measure HHO correctly; not even close. Don't use it.
This is an Air Flow Meter.
It measures Air. It does not measure HHO correctly; not even close. Don't use it.
This is a Hydroxy Flow Meter; Custom made by Dwyer.

You tell Dwyer what ratio of Hydrogen and Oxygen gas you want it to measure, and they will build it for about $250.  The measuring ball is more than 200 milliliters tall. Where part of the ball do you measure from; top, middle, bottom? What % did you tell them to use? Anyone could make a mistake; or tell a fib. HHO is 66.666 % Hydrogen and 33.333 % Oxygen. Who do you trust? Why are the measurements so different between 5 and 6 LPM and 6 and 7 LPM?

  Dwyer Flow Meter

There are a lot of Flow Meters out there, that measure all kinds of gases; including Hydrogen. None of the measure HHO accurately. Dwyer is the only one that I know of that is capable; but it can not be trusted.
This is an Alicat Scientific Flow Meter.

The basic meter will measure Oxygen, or it will measure Hydrogen, but it does not have a setting that measures both gases at the same time. In order to measure HHO, the factory must program it for you. Once programmed, you receive a certificate of Certification.

I will add more information about this meter, as I obtain it.

  • Model
  • LPM = 0 to 20


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