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Go-no-Go Switches

Go-no-Go Switches are a safety feature needed on all vehicles that have hydrogen generators. The switch is used as a fail-safe. Normally, hydrogen generators use the ignition switch to turn the cell on and off. That is fine for normal operation, but not everyone can avoid getting slapped with the "stupid-stick". That is, we all make mistakes by leaving the ignition switch "On" at times when the engine is not running; such as listening to the radio. Should this happen, your generator continues to make HHO gas. The gas collects in your Air Box, breather, and engine. If you start the vehicle, it will ignite the gas buildup --- K-A-Boooom! There will be Damage.

Adding a Go-no-Go Switch causes two requirements to be met in order to starting your hydrogen generator. The first requirement is for the ignition switch to be "On". The second requirement is for the engine to be Running.

Vacuum Switches
  • Adjustable vacuum setting
  • Adjustable pressure setting
  • Works best when mounted horizontal
  • Switch contacts: common, normally closed, normally open
  • Operates on 0.1 inch pound to 37 inch pounds of vacuum

   More Vacuum Switches


 Hobbs M4070-2 Vacuum Switch
  • Normally open. when it senses engine vacuum of 2"Hg. or more,
  • Closes to complete a circuit..
  • Very well built; outer casing is composed of ceramic and metal, not plastic.
  • The threading is 1/8" pipe thread. 

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  Oil Pressure Switch 

Oil Pressure Switch (or Oil Pressure Sending Unit): In this case there is a switch that will provide 12 volts when the engine is running, but if the engine stops, then the switch falls into the "off" position, which turns off the relay and the fuel pump. In this case the car's computer must first energize the fuel pump relay long enough for the car to get started, then it shuts off it's circuit and the Oil Pressure Sending Unit continues to energize the circuit.



Electrical Current Sensing Switch on the Alternator

The Alternator charges the battery only when the engine is running. this sensor is activated by the current flowing to the battery. It only works on vehicles that constantly send a charge to the battery. You would use these switches to activate your Power Relay.

  DS1 Series Current Switch

  • Reed Switches work, but are not reliable; they tend to stick.


  Air Flow Sensor Switch

Mass Air Flow Sensor: Some vehicles have a switch incorporated into the Mass Air Flow sensor. In this case instead of oil pressure, the flow of air into the engine is used to keep a switch on that powers the fuel pump relay. In all other respects, this type of system is the same as the Oil Pressure Switch.



  Fuel Pump Switch

Fuel Injected engines are equipped with Fuel Pump Switches that turn the Pump on when the ignition switch is turned on. The engine has to have fuel before it can start. Somehow, the electronics sense when the engine is not running, and the fuel pump gets turned off. It is possible to use that circuit to turn your HHO Generator on and off. A lot of experimenters are using it. I never have.




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