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Truck running on HHO, no other fuel (?)

The Plasma he speaks of is hogwash. 75% of HHO production is Ortho-hydrogen, the most powerful; 25% is Para-hydrogen, the weakest. It is difficult, but takes extremely cold temperatures to turn Ortho-Hydrogen into Para-Hydrogen.  

Inventor Frederick W. Wells, and his associate, David Seigler, from Future Energy Concepts, Inc., claim to have converted a Dodge 2004 pickup truck to run on nothing but hydroxy gas, electrolyzed on-board, and on-demand, via a super-efficient electrolysis (from water) method they have developed.

They say their system produces 55 liters per minute on 55 amps; and that they recently (around Aug. 15, 2010) completed a road trip of more than 3000 miles, running on this set-up.

  "Fast" Freddie Wells

David Seigler


CAUTION: (July 15, 2011) Despite his promise to do so, and our repeated request to remind him; Freddy has provided no photos of the device being sold; nor has he given us any contact information to talk to any customers who have purchased this alleged device for sale. We've not heard from him since around a week after we published this story. His web site is no longer available. [PesWiki]



Free Energy Concepts, Inc website (web site no longer exists)

Pictures of the Hydrogen Hog Cell  (web site no longer exists)

Freddies Plans  Free Energy News.com

PesWiki web site  (Sterling Allan)


Fast Freddy is at it again. This time it is a Crown Victoria running on 100% HHO fuel only; So the proven Scam Artist says; again. Unbelievable !





Hydrogen Hog: Inventors Explanation

Basically the water is pumped into the pressure vessel when the internal float switch is closed. The PWM is used to produce an electrical pulse which is tuned to the resonant frequency of the inner electrodes. This vibrates the water trapped between the outer and inner tubes. The outer tube is charged positive and is tuned exactly 180 degrees out of phase with the inner tube. The vibration wave is propelled by the positive charge towards the outer tubes just to be attenuated by the outer tube tuning.

The excited water molecules 2(H2O) now only require a fraction of the amperage to be converted into (2H2 + O2). Also experimentation of harmonic frequencies have produced interesting results, sometimes exceeding HHO production of the tubes at resonance. The vessel has a large inner and outer tube which is tuned 4 octaves lower than the outer tubes and has a clearance between the tubes of only 1mm. This tube produces the most heat and HHO. The smaller outer tubes have a 2mm clearance and run cooler and take less amperage and are mounted around the large tube assembly. The epoxy used to seal the bottom inside of the vessel and bottom of the electrical enclosure is laced with ferrous oxide dust 10% by weight which creates an capacitor which smoothes out the square wave pattern to a sine wave pattern which helps the transition between off and on for the PWM. Experimentation with an air coil after the mosfet drivers and before the load also resulted in an increase of efficiency.
The HHO is then pressurized to 60 PSI within the vessel, and regulated by the pressure switch which cycles the PWM as needed and the under the hood pressure regulator and dryer assembly. The HHO then travels through a check valve to an injection tee. The fuel line from the rail originally is connected to the tee before a metering valve and spring loaded valve. When accelerating hard, towing, or driving up extended grades the HHO production is not sufficient to power the vehicle alone, so when the HHO pressure dips below 55 PSI the spring loaded valve opens to let a small amount of stratified HC into the injection rail. Being stratified by the large flow of HHO allows a very small amount of HC to be burnt almost 100% and fill in for the HHO vessel until the load demand ends, and the vessel regains over 55PSI of pressure. Also if you have an HHO system fault, this allows you to continue driving until you can repair it.

HHO4Free Comment:

Personally, I find a lot of mumbo jumbo in the Inventors Explanation.

  • HHO pressurized to 60 PSI? 15 PSI has been considered dangerous; but we now know it can be pressurized greater than 200 PSI.

  • They say they are lowering the atmosphere pressure. No, you are raising it, under pressure.

  • Stratified HC? You mean gasoline don't you? Why the big word?

  • Why in the world would you add iron oxide dust? Do you want rust? The assembly of the tubes is what makes your water capacitor. The discoloration of the water shows signs of the rusting.

  • How do you tune the tubes 180 degrees out of phase, using pulses of DC voltage? You can't be reversing magnetic alignment of every other tube set because you have 9 sets wired in parallel. You are not alternating the positive and negative for every other tube set (your video proves that).

  • Well, when you decrease the spacing between electrodes, there is less resistance in the space between the electrodes; of course their will be more current, and of course there will be more heat; and of course you will make more HHO as long as you use the same Electrolyte mix; that is a basic HHO building block of water electrolysis (which is what you are doing).

  • I have to see you smooth out an already smooth square wave pattern to a smooth sine wave pattern. Are you sure that is not stated "backwards?"

  • Please, correct me if I am wrong.

  • And one other thing; if you tune each tube of a set differently, then that gets changed or cancelled out when you add spacers to keep the tubes from touching. Does the sound of a Bell ringing - change - when you touch it? Does crystal glass ring - while you are touching it? Vibration changes when two surfaces come together (insulated or not).

I would like for the Inventor to show us the output of the Hydrogen Hog. All it takes is a hose and a bucket of water. If the vehicle is running "totally" off of the HHO, who cares how much amperage it is using, as long as it is being manufactured on board. We will gladly add more power sources to accomplish this; as long as the engine is running on HHO and only HHO.

UPDATE:  http://pesn.com/2011/06/06/9501839_Freddy_Launches_Universal_HHO_Gas_Kit/

Version 6 Cell

UPDATE:  http://pesn.com/2011/05/08/9501829_Fred_Wells_Version_VII_Hydroxy_Generator_Concept_Truck/

Version 7 Cell

Fast Freddy states:
The Cell sells for $2500
The Cell and Kit sells for $5,500
The profit is he says, $500 (if true, he has made 10 million already)
With 10 million dollars, you could have a web site home page that has more
than 4 sentences ( of which one is an incomplete sentence and has a problem
spelling scientists)
Let's see, that means it costs $3000 for the Bubbler, PWM, wiring, gauges,
hoses, connectors; etc.
The web sites' home page asks for Donations.
20,000 units sold since the middle of August last year. By the way, that is
when he made the video about the 100% hho Dodge Truck making a 3,000 mile
One company bought 5,000 units. They were installed in a months time. hmmmmm
The advertising states that his life has been threatened many times since.
That he is only allowed to produce up to 30% efficiency. Along that line, he
states that the unit power box has been reduced so that its output is half,
in order to comply. Hogwash



A word to the not so wise: If you build it, they will come; the men in Black, that is. So keep it under your hat, if you want to keep it. The New World Order will never allow Free Energy Devices (neither would the Old World Order). Build yours, then help someone you trust with your life - build theirs. Brag and you will all loose it. Anyone can be convinced to Talk; Your Life or a loved ones life may depend on it.

I give credit where credit is due, and from what I see and hear about this truck, I am not convinced; not the slightest.   david@hho4free.com



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